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Behind the Scenes at the Jedi Training Academy has an interview with Mark Renfrow, who is the Show Director/Writer of the Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Jedi Training Academy is now a year-round event but will still be occuring during Star Wars Weekends as well.

Since 1977, fans have dreamed of visiting a galaxy far, far away and learning the ways of the Jedi. Many have gone to extreme lengths, from building their own lightsabers, costumes, and robes to creating their own “character” and back-story, but none have come close to true Force powers… And those are just the adults. What about the children? How can they learn to be real Jedi?

Kids are great at using their imaginations which is the heart of the Star Wars universe. But sometimes you really want your fantasy to become reality. So what better place than Disney World?

Jedi Training Academy is an interactive experience that began as a part of Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Weekends. It’s part show, part experience and in the tradition of Disney, magical.