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Join us for a catered meal with other SWW fans!

Studios Central is proud to be hosting a special package for everyone coming to Weekend 1 of Star Wars Weekends. Here's a quick rundown of what the event is...

  • Private catered dinner on Sunday, June 8 at 6pm for just us in an awesomely themed room.
  • The dinner is all-you-can eat (click here to view a menu)
  • Special group rate for every Disney resort (All Star Resorts for $10 cheaper per night than the available posted rate!)
  • Special discount on tickets (cheaper than you can get directly from Disney)
  • No minimum! Want to stay for one night? No problem! Seven nights? Perfect!

Sound good to you? Click here to book now!

If you have reservations already booked but still want to attend dinner, then click here to book dinner-only reservations!