Rumored Big Fig selection for Star Wars Weekends

According to the WDW Radio show, there will be a new series of Star Wars Big Figs during Star Wars Weekend: Goofy as Jar-Jar, Minnie as Amidala, Mickey as Anakin, and Donald Duck as Darth Maul (with a double glowing lightsaber).

Other rumors indicate unlike last year, where only one big figurine was released each week for sale, this year, all of them will be released for sale to the public on that first Friday, June 6th. They are all limited editions, and will all retail for at least $175 a piece. I expect them to be sold out that same day.

Sadly, it's also rumored this is the last year Disney plans to sell the Star Wars big figurines. Next year, they are introducing Disney characters with a "Wizard of Oz" theme.

David Prowse attending Weekend 2

David Prowse, known for being the man who physically played Darth Vader in Episodes IV, V and VI, has announced he will be attending Weekend 2 of Star Wars Weekends in 2008.  Prowse will join Peter Mayhew on the second weekend of the event.  A full list of celebrities attending this year will be coming eventually.

Peter Mayhew attending Weekend 2

Peter Mayhew has independently confirmed that he will be attending Star Wars Weekends in 2008 on the second weekend, June 13th, 14th, 15th.  Mayhew, best known for portraying Chewbacca in the Star Wars films, is a fan favorite and will be returning yet again to Star Wars Weekends. No other celebrities have been announced yet.

Going to SWW this year? Would you be interested in this?

I have an idea for Star Wars Weekends this year and wanted to get an idea of how much interest this would have.

For years now we've done an impromptu meet during Star Wars Weekends. We gather somewhere, say hello and then usually scatter to go do some other Star Wars Weekend event. This year, we've even thought of working in a large ADR. But I have a better idea. What if we had our own special area in the Studios reserved just for us? It would be our very own catered dinner that would cost less per person than a meal likely at Mama Melrose. And maybe even some more surprises?

So here is the question. Would you be interested in such an event for the weekend of June 6-9? It would be held in the evening on Saturday, June 7th around 5 or 6pm (by then most SWW events are done for the day). The cost would be per person and likely cheaper than any meal at other restaurants!

All that would be required is you would book your room at Walt Disney World with our travel agent, MEI-Mouse Fan Travel. This means NO ADDITIONAL COST. The travel agents make their money off Disney and not you. Better yet, our group would likely get a rate better than what the normal park guest gets (certainly the rate would be no higher than what you could get by calling Disney directly).

We would need 10 rooms to be booked. Already you can count me in as well The Dark Lord of the Sith (Colin), so we just need another 8 rooms. They can be at ANY DISNEY resort (we don't all have to stay at the same resort).

Thoughts? If you think you'd be interested, just post a comment here. This is very non-committmental. I'm just trying to see who would be interested in this so if we do go ahead with it, I'll know that we can likely count on enough folks. Trust me when I say this event can be VERY cool (very similiar to the Fantasmic! Dessert Party we had at Mousefest). In the words of the narrator on the Haunted Mansion..."any volunteers?

When You Wish Upon a Death Star: Behind the Scenes at the Jedi Training Academy has an extensive interview with Mark Renfrow, who is the Show Director/Writer of the Jedi Training Academy attraction.  The article talks about the creation of the attraction, how the attraction works, experiences, opinions and more. Here is a small preview detailing the history of the attraction.

 It debuted in May of 2000 at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park in Florida, as part of the annual Star Wars Weekends event. In 2000, the Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park decided to make Star Wars Weekends an annual event. In this new four-week long format, the event would need to be enhanced with the addition of several new Star Wars-themed offerings. We met and came up with an idea for an immersive entertainment experience that allowed kids to live the adventure of becoming a Jedi while providing the guests in the audience an entertainment show. The combination of the Force and our brand of Disney magic felt like a home run. Following the Star Wars lore, our team wrote an interactive show that gave younglings the opportunity to go through training under the auspicious tutelage of a Jedi Master. And what better way to feel like a mighty Jedi than to learn how to properly wield a lightsaber? Since the toy lightsaber was already popular, we figured we already had one of the keys to make the show a success. Now all we needed was a classic "good vs. evil" conflict -- hello Mr. Vader!

To read the full article, click here.

Behind the Scenes at the Jedi Training Academy has an interview with Mark Renfrow, who is the Show Director/Writer of the Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Jedi Training Academy is now a year-round event but will still be occuring during Star Wars Weekends as well.

Since 1977, fans have dreamed of visiting a galaxy far, far away and learning the ways of the Jedi. Many have gone to extreme lengths, from building their own lightsabers, costumes, and robes to creating their own “character” and back-story, but none have come close to true Force powers… And those are just the adults. What about the children? How can they learn to be real Jedi?

Kids are great at using their imaginations which is the heart of the Star Wars universe. But sometimes you really want your fantasy to become reality. So what better place than Disney World?

Jedi Training Academy is an interactive experience that began as a part of Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Weekends. It’s part show, part experience and in the tradition of Disney, magical.

2008 Star Wars Weekend Dates Available

According to a Cast Member publication, the 2008 Star Wars Weekend event will be held each weekend (Friday-Sunday) June 6-29, 2008. This means once again the weekends will be held in June only.


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