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I Sense Something, a Presence I’ve Not Felt Since…

Ok, despite being overwhelmed by Imperial agents during the past few days, I’ve broken lose long enough to get my first look at the merchandise and was surprised to see some familiar faces.    There are some (what I will refer to as Jawa sized mini Figs, five to be exact.  We are treated to some new takes on movie poster artwork.  A look at some of the T-Shirts available and the pins have surfaced.

The Little Ones Are Always On The Move

With the celebrities named for this year’s event and people selecting which weekends to attend the focus can shift a little toward the other offerings at Star Wars Weekends, in particular, the ones that will be most interesting to the Padawans (youngsters).

How Long Before We Can Make the Jump to Light Speed?

Ok, as the news continues to trickle in at the speed of a Bantha crossing the Dune Sea it might be worth considering what someone coming to Star Wars Weekends might start planning for if it is their first time.  The Celebrity schedule will fill out before long and we should soon be getting news of Merchandise that will be available, but right now is the time to plan for what we already know. 

What good is your reward if you ain’t around to use it?

Ok, no celebrity list, no problem.  The truth is that a lot of us cannot plan our trips on the arrival of celebrities, but rather have to take the vacation window given to us.  That said, there is no reason to panic on the lack of information.  Take solace in the fact that there is more than enough to do between the shows, the photo opportunities with characters and the opening of Star Tours II.

Star Wars Weekends 2011 Powering Up!

Here’s where we find out if the price we paid for those codes was worth it….

 Well to my shock I’m able to access this blog once again, so the Webmaster hasn’t locked me out yet.  This is good because I need an outlet to disseminate the information on this year’s event.  This after all is the gem of Disney’s Hollywood Studios special events and there is no better place to get your midichlorian count up than right here!

Jedi Training Academy Revisited

One of the coolest things your child can do at Star Wars Weekends is the Jedi Training Academy.  Now this used to exclusively happen only during SWW, but is now a regular event at the Disney Hollywood Studios.  Still, in this setting, unless your child is a regular Disney Visitor, I promise that this is one of the things your child is going to want to do most.  Once the schedule is out, we will see for sure, but there are usual

Always Cool It Is... Dressing Up I Mean.

Despite the Florida Heat, with some careful planning do not be afraid to dress up and enjoy your fandom.  It is always admired and appreciated one way or another with the other.  One of the perks of attending weekends for fans of the saga is the opportunity to dress up as a Star Wars Character.  Over the years we have seen everthing from little Clone Troopers, Bounty Hunters, adult Jedi and Rebel Pilots.  There are named characters from the original trilogy, characters from the prequels, characters from the expanded universe as well as original Star Wars Characters created by fans just for the event.  A quick look at any pictures from the event will show you that there are always costumes in the audience.  Costuming fans come in all shapes, ages and sizes.  There is no wrong to be had here.

Always in motion the future is: Speculating on Weekends 3 & 4

While we wait for confirmation on just about everything I figured it was worth while to speculate on one item for this year.  With Ray Park (Darth Maul) attending weekends 3 and 4, it feels like a safe bet to assume that he will agree to once again do the “Trip to the Maul” program.  For anyone attending during these weekends this is a great addition to Weekends for participants and observers alike.  Before the program children are randomly selected to participate in this on stage demonstration.



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